Audit Management

Audit Management - Delivering compliance

Auditing is an essential part of any confidence building measure an organisation must undertake to assure customers and management of compliance

Unless implemented efficiently, it can lead to further complexity and overhead to maintain it.


To be able to cover the full scope of an operation, QMSrs audit Management System covers the 3 auditable areas of the business

  1. Business Process Audits
  2. Supplier Audits
  3. Projects & Products

You are able to perform the complete cycle automatically leaving you more time to focus on improvements generated by the audit system. You are able to customise your audit checklist to ISO standards or any other standard

  • Plan your audits
  • Define your findings
  • Define your Corrective & Preventive Actions
  • Track & manage audits, findings & actions to closure
  • Generate traditional reports with one click
  • Keep all stakeholders informed throughout the life cycle
  • Instant email notification of any actions or movements
  • Produce Instant Standard off the Shelf graphical reports
  • Produce Instant reports that are exportable to MS tools

Audit Lifecycle















You can learn more on our Excellence solutions by clicking on the Practice Portal and practice using them

​QMSrs Arabic Solution

There is also an Arabic stand-alone version of the product.


You can learn more on our Excellence solutions by clicking on Arabic Practice Portal and practice using them