QMSrs promotes Quality 4.0 practical aspects during #WQW22


Some of us (certainly me) are so lucky to be here celebrating this year’s WQW. Health professionals dedicating their lives to helping others get better or tirelessly researching new medications and vaccines must be recognised and supported.
In support of the #WQW22, and in recognition of those deserving angels, QMSrs is delighted to play an active part in promoting the practical aspects of transitioning towards a quality 4.0 culture in line with the “quality conscience” theme
QMSrs believes that promoting a Learn-Practice-Apply approach is far more effective than contributions in meetings, board rooms and conference centres.
To support this endeavour, we have made the following contributions a reality:
  • Extended the 4 free quality courses on the Learner Journey until the end of 2022
  • Created a single free programme under the umbrella Quality 4.0 course #1458
  • Reduced all Online Learning [OL] courses by 50% until the end of 2022
  • Practice for Free on the “Practice Portal” for the duration of #WQW22
  • Hosting a Live stream Q&A on LinkedIn on Thursday and Friday
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