AROQA 3rd Annual Conference

QMSrs Presents a Paper at AROQA Conference

The "Arab Organization for Quality Assurance in Education" (AROQA) is an international non-profit independent association established in Belgium in July 2007 with the fundamental objective of raising the quality of education in the Arab world.

QMSrs was honoured to present a paper at the 3rd annual Conference of the Arab Organization for Quality Assurance in Education (AROQA) at the University of Wales in the presence of the representatives of 16 Arab countries, the European Union and the United States.

Mr.Bassam Zaidan "Founder and director of QMSrs Ltd." in his speech about the Role of ICT in Quality Management during the Conference emphasized the following:

  • Specialists face many challenges when working with Quality more so when the Middle Eastern Culture is involved and when applied to a service sector such as Education.

  • Traditional approaches to Quality Management will only enforce the negative perceptions that have already been entrenched in the minds of many even at Senior Management Level.

  • As Education in the Middle East is in its infancy and is continually developing, Quality is in its conception, it would be sad if the same perceptions do persist.

  • They will persist unless and until drastic steps are taken to dispel the existing poor perceptions and avoid any in future that will undoubtedly surface.

  • The only way this will be guaranteed is with proper value adding Quality Management Systems are deployed. They will only add value if they are automated using ICT.

  • The education of our nation is fundamental to our survival as a nation. The Quality of this education is of paramount to its appeal to the masses. Quality will only be delivered to add value if ICT is core to its approach.

  • Our future is in Education. The future of Education is in its Quality. The Future of its Quality is in Automation.

About QMSrs

QMSrs Limited is a UK based company with presence in the Middle East providing a full range of Quality Excellence needs enhancing end client satisfaction. We provide solutions for turning paper-intensive Quality Systems into user friendly, environmentally friendly paperless systems, thereby improving our clients' efficiency.

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