How to Register on a Course


How to Register on a Course?


QMSrs Learning and Development Management is now fully automated online. 

To find the right course, follow the following 3 simple steps:

  1. View all available course that you are interested in from our training portfolio which lists all courses using either

Search                     or                        Calendar  

  1. Then view the schedule of that course for face to face or Distance Learning courses
  2. Select the one that suits your needs with the instructor of your preference and follow instructions below to register
Instructions to Book on A Course On L&D Portal

This video explains how you can access and book your place on a course. Please follow the simple steps to access the free course

You can also read the instructions below to learn how to access this free course:

  1. Register as a STUDENT to get a username and password either by completing very simple fields or using any of the listed social media platforms.
  1. You will then get an email confirming your registration and will ask you to verify your email. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive the verification email
  2. Confirm the email and select a username as we use username system for logging in (not emails)
  3. Now you have the login credentials for the Portal, you can LOGIN
  1. To enrol on the course, simply click the Course of your choice, in the SEARCH page 
  2. Once payment details are complete, you will have direct access to the course and the course resources that can now be launched. For free courses, you have direct access to the course and the course resources can be launched straight away.
  3. For Online courses, click on Launch for any resource you wish to start with
Once you have learnt how to practice, then select the PACKAGE you want