Problem Management

Problem Management - Delivering problem solutions

Being able to manage problems is fundamental to improving the way we all work and be able to learn from our mistakes.

Problems manifest themselves in many ways and are normally categorised in systems as

  • Customer Complaints
  • Incidents
  • Non-Conforming Products or Services
  • Concessions or Waivers
  • Returned Material Authorisation
  • Employee Feedback
  • Process or Equipment Faults
  • Inspection Findings
  • Your own customised problem source handling tool

QMSrs offers you the solution to manage your problems from start to finish with the ability to

  1. Document These problems
  2. Perform Root Cause Analysis
  3. Define Corrective & preventive Actions
  4. Track these Complaints & Actions to closure
  5. Manage the system and inform stakeholders on all aspects of the lifecycle
  6. Instant email notification of any actions or movements
  7. Produce Instant Standard off the Shelf graphical reports
  8. Produce Instant reports that are exportable to MS tools

Problem Management Lifecycle

QMSrs Solutions Value-add from its Problem Management systems include:

  • Eliminating Errors
  • Improving business stability
  • Applying pro-active change management
  • Reducing outages and increase service quality
  • Increased IT and business productivity
  • Driving business efficiency and agility
  • Maximising profitability
You can learn more on our Excellence solutions by clicking on the Practice Portal and practice using them

​QMSrs Arabic Solution

There is also an Arabic stand-alone version of the product.


You can learn more on our Excellence solutions by clicking on Arabic Practice Portal and practice using them