Management Reviews

Management Reviews - Delivering leadership information

A Management Review is a very important technique of how the top management of an organisation can assess its performance in terms of the objectives it sets itself, the requirement set by the standard and how its systems are operating.

Normally, a management review is a regular meeting of the top management team and uses the information to review the performance of the organization's systems. It is a useful forum to review and revise quality objectives.
QMSrs Management Review solution offers a systematic evaluation of the system acquisition, supply, development, operation, or maintenance process performed by or on behalf of management.

Management reviews are carried out by, or on behalf of, the management personnel having direct responsibility for the system.

Management Reviews


  • Monitor overall progress.
  • Determine the status of plans and schedules.
  • Confirm requirements and their system allocation.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of management approaches used to achieve fitness for purpose.
  • Support decisions about corrective actions, changes in the allocation of resources, or changes to the scope of the project.
  • Management reviews identify consistency with deviations from plans, or adequacies and inadequacies of management procedures.
  • Instant email notification of any actions or movements
  • Produce Instant Standard off the Shelf graphical reports
  • Produce Instant reports that are exportable to MS tools
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​QMSrs Arabic Solution

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