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With QMSrs UK Accredited learning programmes and units of these programmes, you can:

  • Find the best learning programmes and single units
  • Reach international audience as a trainer
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Our Range of Learning & Development courses can be delivered in a number of languages supporting our mission of offering the complete Quality Excellence Management Training needs for individuals and organisations. 

The way in which we teach has changed over time and the way we deliver our training courses is crucial in achieving the learning objectives for the participant.


You will complete work with set deadlines and interact with your instructor and classmates through online discussion board and forum. Some courses may also include live chat sessions. 

Your instructor will provide assignments, answer questions, lead discussions and grade your work.

It is the instructor’s value add to create the environment within which participants can achieve and to foster individual learning and problem solving.

We believe in learning by doing and learning by applying. Therefore, when you train with us, you will walk away with the appropriate tools required to run Quality Excellence Management.

You will get a free user license to practice QMSrs Solutions. Also, we can assist you with deploying the tools in your organisation as part of the training.

Different training programs are designed and tailored to address different needs of business users, system administrators, and internal trainers to prepare your staff to go live and ensure project success.

Comprehensive documentation is also provided including user guides, administration guides, installation guides, tutorials, etc. QMSrs provides training courses in three formats: 

Practice Learning [PL]

Practice Learning [PL]: QMSrs is unique with this offering of making its portals available for learning by practice. You simply log in to our practice portal in staged packages growing your involvement as your confidence grows. This starts at zero cost

Online Learning [OL]

Online Learning [OL]: These are cost-effective, Self-Paced courses, minimising time away from work and travel. You can learn when you want and at your own pace, getting access to courses of your choice during times of your choice.


Face to Face Learning

a.     Bespoke - OnDemand Learning [DL]: These are non-scheduled onsite (In-House) or virtual courses customised to clients’ needs which will take place at client or QMSrs premises. They are not scheduled except when requested by a client or by our approved trainers.

b.     Virtual Learning [VL]: These are Public, Instructor-Led courses and take place by dialling in remotely using applications such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams and participants from different companies will join in and share their experience with each other.

c.     Classroom Learning [CL]: These are Public, Instructor-Led Face to Face courses and take place at specific venue (e.g., Hotel) and participants from different companies will gathered and share their experience with each other.



Blended Learning [BL]

1.     Blended Learning [BL]:​ This is a blend of the Online [OL] learning, Practice Learning [PL] on our portals as well as Virtual Learning [VL] supported by an instructor Virtually for answering questions and making clarifications you need to make your learning a fun and smooth activity

​Quality Excellence

Learn and practice best practice in compliance to ISO standards 

Demonstrate your commitment and gain competitive edge and international recognition by implementing optimum Quality, Health, Safety, Security & Environmental standards and your organisation will stand out in the marketplace.

Our Quality Excellence Management Accredited training appeals to all learning styles, enhances the delegate’s learning experience and help delegates achieve a better level of understanding.

Our courses help you to gain a comprehensive understanding of Quality Excellence Management systems. Learn the most effective and business-focused strategies for implementing Quality Excellence Management systems.

QMSrs is ideally placed to provide you with comprehensive training in Quality Excellence Management systems. 

Whatever the size or nature of your organisation, quality occupational health and safety training is vital to succeed.

First-class internal processes are reflected in quality customer service delivery.


Developing & boosting leadership performance - Grow your career with us

QMSrs Promotes Learning by Doing.  Our Leadership training courses are focused on developing leaders in Quality Excellence profession.

Driven by thought leaders, positioned, tested and implemented against the needs of the market and clients, QMSrs provides leading edge leadership thinking, training and development.

Whether you are looking for an internationally recognised training content, recognised trainers, or simply leadership and coaching to enable you to meet the challenges of your latest managerial role, we can offer the leadership training course that will make a real and measurable difference to your performance.


You can use our learner journey to plan your career. Download and view the QMSrs Quality Excellence Learner Journey in pdf format by clicking the Learner Journey.

For available courses and instructors, please click  HEREYou can go directly to the Learning Portal