How to Register on Practice Portal


How to Register on our Practice Portal?

In support of our learning strategies namely Main Learning [PL] and Blended Learning [BL], QMSrs has opened its solutions portals to the public to be able to share our offerings and repository.

You will need an account with us to have access. This is a very simple registration process either

  1. Using social media that gives you limited view access or

  2. Full registration that gives you read and write access

To register you can either,

  1. watch the video below: Please follow the simple steps in the video to register


  1. Read the instructions below

Instructions to register on Practice Portal

  1. From the home page of www.QMSrs.com, select Practice portal
  2. You will land on the log in page below

  1. To get a username and password Select Sign up and you will land on this page. Version 2 of our solution may look different but will have the same fields

  1. You can sign up by either by completing very simple fields or using any of the listed social media platforms as we stated above.
  2. Select the appropriate package you wish for the length of time you need

  1. A confirmation email will be sent confirming your registration
  2. Once credentials are received and registration is complete, you will have direct access to the Practice Portal
  3. Now you have the login credentials for the Practice Portal, you can LOGIN