QMSrs unlocks income-generating Portal to Trainers

Following on from the action plan promised by QMSrs as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are pleased to be making the first announcement.

To support efforts for minimizing the impact on business, customers and individuals, QMSrs is delighted to announce that we have unlocked our Learning & Development Portal enabling Quality Excellence specialists the A-Z management of training portfolio and income. You can now:

  1. Register Simply with social media
  2. Log in Simply with social media 
  3. Decide the courses and devise your own course description on line
  4. Decide whether you run Face to Face, or on line courses
  5. Decide your own daily rates for daily courses
  6. Decide your own hourly rate for online courses
  7. Decide the venue cost you wish to use
  8. Decide the travel costs you wish to apply
  9. You continue to own full rights to your material
  10. Decide what each candidate will be charged by you before you activate the course

Students can select the Instructor they like; decide the dates they like and pay online and get notified. Only 2 Simple steps are required

  1. Create your profile Mentor portfolio* with detailed searchable content here


  1. Then create a brief resume here


We will be holding online walkthrough sessions starting the on the 20th April and will be scheduled on our eLearning portal.

Those offering free mentoring and guidance for short or specific times can zero their charges and will be directly passed on to students

We are giving control to the end user…. They can choose the instructor, the charging, the venue and the methodology. Power to the Users by QMSrs. Think Different, Think Value Add, Think Automation

*NB. Only people with full detailed profiles will be considered. You are welcome to upload a CV but searchable details are essential. Your profile is what gets you noticed. We can help with that.


About QMSrs

QMSrs Limited is a UK based company with presence in the Middle East providing a full range of Quality Excellence needs enhancing end client satisfaction. We provide solutions for turning paper-intensive Quality Systems into user friendly, environmentally friendly paperless systems, thereby improving our clients' efficiency.

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