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Quality Excellence Solutions Roadshow Becomes a Free Online Course - #1434


If you missed the Quality Excellence Solutions Roadshows, do not panic. QMSrs has now introduced a series of online courses that bring the roadshows to your home

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 Maximise Value-Add from Quality Excellence Solutions. Attend our free online course - #1434

QMSrs Automated solutions are designed to support all types of organisations including multi-site and multi-national operations.

QMSrs solutions are robust with capabilities for workflow management, document management, electronic delivery of alerts and notification and real-time reporting and analysis.

We specialise in Quality Excellence Solutions and you can view all our products individually by clicking on solutions on the left-hand side by clicking Here.

You can learn more on our Excellence solutions by clicking on the Practice Portal and practice using them

​QMSrs Arabic Solution

There is also an Arabic stand-alone version of the product.

You can learn more on our Excellence solutions by clicking on Arabic Practice Portal and practice using them


About QMSrs


QMSrs Limited is a UK based company with presence in the Middle East providing a full range of Quality Excellence needs enhancing end client satisfaction. We provide solutions for turning paper-intensive Quality Systems into user friendly, environmentally friendly paperless systems, thereby improving our clients' efficiency.

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