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QMSrs Launches Quality Profession eLearning Portal

QMSrs Ltd. is proud to announce that it has launched the new portal for Training & Development as well as eLearning covering our complete range of Courses. QMSrs also allows traners to manage their own portfolio of courses, schedules and charging mechanism for the market they wish to operate in.

Our portal is dedicated to developing the Quality professionals to ensure they are equipped for the market.

 It also allows searches for both trainers and trainees to filter search for their exact needs.

You can view, search and register Here


About QMSrs

QMSrs Limited is a UK based company with presence in the Middle East providing a full range of Quality Excellence needs enhancing end client satisfaction. We provide solutions for turning paper-intensive Quality Systems into user friendly, environmentally friendly paperless systems, thereby improving our clients' efficiency.

You can read more about QMSrs offerings Here