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QMSrs Launches New Quality Profession Recruitment Portal

QMSrs Ltd. is proud to announce that it has launched the new portal for recruitment and placement for the Quality Profession.

It is dedicated to developping the careers of Qualiity professionals to ensure that the right candidates are linked with the right clients for the right job

It is free at the point of use for all job seekers and allows them to specify the skills in such away that short listing is done very specifically to match the client's needs. It also allows searches for both Companies and seekers to filter search for their exact needs.

About QMSrs

QMSrs Ltd is a UK based company with presence in the Middle East providing a full range of Quality Excellence needs for clients in a wide range of industries. We provide organisations with tools for turning paper intensive Quality Management Systems into user friendly, environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions for improved efficiency. We are the hub for Quality Management Outsourcing for all our client's needs.

For further information please visit www.qmsrs.com.