World Beating T4S

The World Beating COVID-19 Test Tracker Winner is?

A world beating COVID-19 Test Tracking System will be operational by the 1st June. A promise that many people thought was an impossible task.

Of course, work should have started on this much earlier. Few knew about it and had an earlier start. For most others, offering a world beating system was a race worth joining.

Pinning down the standards the judging panel will use was not an easy task. There were none for us to access. In the absence of Judging Criteria, standards or detailed requirements, we made our own.

We gathered requirements from various sources, various briefings and set about building a “world beating COVID-19 Test Tracking System. Of course, there are also many other embedded requirements within each of the above. This of course was a tough task but the prize of saving lives was worth the fight. The requirements we collected and aimed for were that the system will have the ability to:

  1. Ensure Risk Assessments are conducted and mitigated to minimise infection rates
  2. Identify Tracers and train them in their responsibilities
  3. Records and manages COVID-19 infection incidents
  4. Define the contacts list of the infected person
  5. Communicate with the infected person’s contacts
  6. Ensure all communications are conducted formally via email and or text message
  7. Ensure the incident investigation is complete in a systematic way and followed to closure
  8. Conduct compliance verification
  9. Ensure adherence reviews take place by decision makes
  10. Build public confidence in the system
  11. Conduct Surveys to establish and improve the public confidence level
  12. The system to be paperless to avoid paper transmission
  13. Can be operated nationally or locally or both
  14. People Welfare can be maintained at individual level
  15. Security for data to be of paramount importance
  16. Must be operational by first of June

Like many hopefuls, the desire to play a part in the battle of saving lives against COVID-19 or win the prize of a world beating system provider, is too tempting for anyone. We entered the race, built it, tested and deployed it for the public before the first of June for demonstration.

We launched the Total Test, Track and Trace System, "Project T4S” in support of building public confidence based on managing the activity with a 360-degree perspective.

T4S is risk assurance as well as adherence follow up with incident reporting, public surveys, audits and review systems.

T4S users have the ability to review the status of incidents raised by members of the public. The T4S initiative presents a holistic tracking and case management system for mitigating COVID-19 related risks.

The system allows the use of social media access to report and follow up their own risks and issues using platforms shown below to gain access:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google

We waited the results from the judges. We didn’t know how this will pan out nor who the judges were.

So, who won? Were they judged against the above requirements?

Maybe we won. Who knows?

By Sam Zaidan

Published: 04 June 2020 

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