Quality Career

After a career in Quality? Are you equipped to compete?

We all started at the bottom of the ladder one day. But the job market is getting more competitive and employers are looking for quick fixes to their immediate needs

When a Quality Engineering vacancy is identified, it needs to be filled with the right candidate and the sooner the better. Employers need their employees to hit the ground running. This means they need them to come equipped with the right skills, right skills and right tools to do the job

So, what skills should a quality engineer or manager have as an absolute minimum?

Of course, the answer will depend on many factors but commonly depends mostly on the maturity of the organisation advertising the vacancy. This will inevitably mean you need to be more familiar than they are with what Quality skills and tools you come armed with. This could and will mean the decider between you and other candidates

Pigeon holing yourself in the skills gained in your current job does not make you marketable. You need to go beyond the skills you gained and tools you used to the skills and tools required outside. Many, only gain experience in a very narrow angle in Quality and think they are experts. The Quality field is a vast one and to be an expert you need much wider expertise.

You need to plot your own career path in it and equip yourself well

By Sam Zaidan

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