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Risk Assuring Communities as the way out of Lockdown

To pass time and use the 2kg of flour I hoarded for lockdown, I decided to bake a Pizza.  It made it all the way to the Oven. Watching the oven and listening to the daily government briefing, the words “Risk Assessments” as means for easing lockdown locally were uttered. I lost concentration on the Pizza and simply listened to what was meant and if I was hearing things right.

The ink barely dried following the article arguing for Risk Assuring communities at local level as the best way forward to easing lockdown. Return to some normality in the midst of uncertainty on “safety measures” of children returning to school, people returning to work is futile.

The article started from the assumption that Governments and community priorities continue to be the health of the nation and return to normal life “Safely”.

Local communities are beginning to take their own initiative to build systems that provide Assurance to communities. What prompted the article was the desperate need for these very motivated and rapidly growing community action teams for “awareness” of resources, skills and toolsets they can call upon to help them succeed.

Quality-excellence practitioners do have awareness of methodologies and toolsets for risk assurance activities specially the work we did for so many years on ISO 9001-2015 Transitioning. We have been promoting and educating in “Risk Assurance Analysis” and “Process Approach”.

Quality-excellence practitioners are best placed to play a much-needed role in local communities. whether a school, an employer, local council, or even local health centres. We have built resilient management systems that we can call upon in the time of a crisis?

Of course, No prizes for guessing the fate of the Pizza

By Sam Zaidan

Published: 02 June 2020 

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