Risk Management

Reassure customers, employees and shareholders that you are managing risk effectively.

Value to Customer Business

Risk management is about dealing with uncertainty and its consequences on an organisation so as to deal with this uncertainty proactively to prevent them from striking. Our Risk Management Solutions help organisations reduce the costs resulting from any risk occurring.

Risk Management stages can be classified into four major key stages: 

  • Likelihood of Occurrence: Even though Risk are about uncertainty, we can estimate the likelihood of it striking (probability).
  • Consequence of occurrence: When a risk happens, it has consequences (impact) on the organisational goals.
  • Mitigation Cost: Any action taken to mitigate the consequences (Mitigation) of a risk will have associated with it.
  • Mitigation Effectiveness: Since mitigations have a cost factor, they need to be effective and their effectiveness needs to exceed the cost.

We offer a solution to manage the entire risk management cycle.